Healthy Rewards

Healthy Rewards program

Available for Geisinger Health Plan and Geisinger Choice members*

Need motivation to exercise? Already work out regularly? Do you want to be rewarded for making good choices? We’re here to encourage a healthy fitness plan for life!

Healthy Rewards is a reimbursement program that helps members pay for fitness activities and rewards those already leading an active life.

Healthy Rewards:

How do I get it?

Healthy Rewards is available for members who are enrolled in Geisinger Health Plan or Geisinger Choice. Note: It is not available to members who have a Geisinger Marketplace plan, which includes the essential health benefits required by the Affordable Care Act.

You must also complete an online HA and fill out the Healthy Rewards Reimbursement Form to be eligible.

To take the HA:

  1. Login in as a registered member at
  2. Click the “Health and Wellness” tab on the left hand side
  3. Then, click on “Health Risk Assessment”

Fill out the reimbursement form and return it, along with your receipt, to the address on the bottom of the form.

Healthy Rewards Reimbursement Form (member login required).

*Healthy Rewards is not available for Geisinger Gold, GHP Kids, GHP Family, Geisinger Marketplace and Geisinger Health Options members, as well as members who converted from a group plan to an individual plan. Healthy Rewards is available for Geisinger Health System employees. Reimbursement is subject to approval by Geisinger Health Plan and Geisinger Choice.

Need Information?
If you're thinking about becoming a member,
call (800) 631-1656
Weekdays 8:30 a.m. - 8 p.m.

For Current Members
Please call the toll-free number
on the back of your member ID card
or login to password-protected information.